About the project

ART TERRITORY is a new, unique and realistic space for creativity the marking of which started at the Children’s Hospital at Vilnius University.
Why “ART territory” is “MY territory”? Because we strived to make it close and very own to each and everyone who enters this TERRITORY on purpose or just accidentally. Even though ART live and grow in MY territory, it is not pretentious or arrogant. Even though the creating people speak different languages, their ART is comprehensible. It gives its hand to a child and smiles to a nurse. Playful, yet serious. It cuddles and talks to you in colours and forms. It stays here for good. It stays with those who takes a temporary shelter here for half an hour or a month.


Creative workshops were held for young artists. The idea was to invite young and talented artists to Vilnius who would learn more about the Lithuanian art, culture and life, attend lectures by art theoreticians and practitioners as well as take part in creative workshops together with Lithuanian participants. All works of art created in workshops were given to the Children’s Hospital at Vilnius University.


All major companies, movements and project initiators state their mission. Our mission is to change the world. It sounds grand and nobody will believe it. We understand why…
More to the point, we changed the hospital walls in order to reduce anxiety, sorrow and dreariness. To bring in more colours and good thoughts. So that you will see a lush tree while looking at the wall, and a painting while looking at the ward table (it is not a metaphor – young artists created table-paintings during one of the workshops). Art Territory is one of the projects of the educational art programme Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009. Here everyone was learning - the young artists supervised by experienced and well-known Lithuanian and foreign artists, the small patients, observing the artists and taking part in specially developed educational programmes, and the hospital staff, exploring pieces of art, which, after the creative workshops, found their place in the hospital territory. We hope that the art which changed the hospital walls, changes the surrounding world as well.


The project included international conference Art for Health: Experience and Prospects, in which the United Kingdom and other countries shared their experience, the latest research data were presented, and co-operation opportunities were discussed.

Project partners:

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Gallery
Lithuanian Association of Art Therapy
The Institute of Cultural and Arts Education under Vilnius Pedagogical University
The Tiltas Trust